Cheapest MYP Chemistry tutoring in Dubai at Gore\’s Tutoring

AED 000
City Dubai
State Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates
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Chemistry lessons for IB higher (HL), IB SL, IGCSE / GCSE and A levels are offered at Gores by highly qualified tutors who are licensed. The chemistry tutoring focuses on concept explanation, exam keyword practice, past paper solving and evaluation. Gores offers small group as well as private lessons for IB/A level/ GCSE chemistry. We also have online lessons for chemistry. Affordable fees, convenient location(opposite to Metro station), flexible timings (weekends available) plus hundreds of past references from reputed school students in dubai such as DAA, DIA, EIS, wellington, gems world academy, Repton, Jumeirah college, dubai college, english college, DBS, sunmarke school, gems first point, winchestor… etc

Call 052 768 95 65 / 055 871 68 61 / 050 90 21 727 / 050 214 90 99 OR visit

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