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Washing clothes and ironing to settle down crease, the struggle is real. Setting up your own commercial laundry equipment’s, ALRAZANA brings the best laundry solutions for you. We are world’s most prominent dealers in the industrial laundry equipment’s, providing shipping all over the countries of GCC.


Businesses running industries and factories commercially use industrial washing machines to wash their products before exporting. For all the washing, cleaning, dying or ironing purposes essential for commercial use, we have desired options to pick up from our stocks. We provide fine grade commercial laundry machines for proper washing and cleaning of products. We deliver heavy-duty laundry machines with proper installations of items for commercial washers. Businesses engaged in washing programs commercially for cleaning of their final products, choose laundry equipment’s to purchase. Along with heavy-duty equipment’s, we supply light weight machines for the same purposes. Laundry Equipment Dubai @


Along with varieties in washing items, we are also into supplying equipment’s for dying and ironing purposes. We would definitely serve you the ability to manage your laundry works manually. No need to rub your hands daily for washing and ironing your materials. It’s just going to be easy washing with high quality machines. The machines we supply are built to last long along with fine commercial grade construction. With ALRAZANA laundry Kitchen Equipment Suppliers DUBAI @ , UAE you can take control with the most effective washing in the industries. Since a long period of time, we have been established as the leading dealers in the laundry business. Our company does not just provide the wide range of products for changing needs of the buyers but also guarantee the durability and efficiency. Beyond delivering best quality laundry equipment’s, we also offer national shipping all over the GCC regions. Quite long until now, the costumers have been giving us the feedbacks, seem satisfied and happy with our services. We are well qualified with the expert team providing proper guidance and suggestions to the costumers. Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Dubai @


ALRAZANA’s laundry equipment’s are well tested on quality parameters such as durable constructions, innovative features and efficient performance. Investing into ALRAZANA laundry equipment’s would surely give you a better return, unmatched with results of other companies. Our machines are designed for heave-duty strengths and effective performances along with certified technology usage. Even if you are a first-time investor into laundry works, we are here to assure you a good profit into your business with our commercial laundry equipment. We are available for you, at you service, anytime you need. We have our experts sitting online for your queries to answer; you can mail us on our email address. Go through our website and products stock that we have attached. We hope to serve you what you desire into reasonable prices and better facilities. Cake Display Chiller @

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