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Mega g3 2019 | Long Rang Locators Systems

Mega G3 can detect the radiations of the ionic fields emitted from long distances, using a powerful Mini Sensor that receives radiation and converts it into an audio signal and a display indicator on the screen.

The Mega G3 device incorporates a large number of intelligent and advanced technologies for the detection of gold, precious metals, diamonds and cavities.
Mega G3 includes the second version of Mega Detection technology that detects signals from targets Buried by the use of special antennas designed exclusively to receive the weakest signals from the targets Buried.
The most important feature of Mega G3 is the ease of use with an ergonomic and comfortable design of the system box and its handle.
It features an easy-to-use Control Panel to adjust device program settings and a high-resolution colour display, as well as a simple software program for both people who use the system for the first time

It includes two search systems, a powerful Long Range locator system, and new Ionic Scan system. 
Mega G3 includes an advanced long-range localization system that has been developed exclusively for this device by Mega Locators.
Mega G3 includes a unique ionic exploration system that is used to detect ionic radiation emitted from long-buried gold treasures and ancient artefacts on the ground.
Generally, every metal object buried underground has an ionic field around it, and the radiation emitted from this field increases over time.
Therefore, the longer the body is buried underground, the greater the Ionic field that surrounds it.
Available Languages are: 
German, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic

Mega G3 works using high-precision frequencies to identify all different kinds of metals in all terrain and soils types.

The machine is fully German, guaranteed by German factory mega locator 

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